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What is Sipperior Coffee?

It starts with the quality of the green coffee and knowing where it comes from. Our coffee is traceable and graded. With the help of well-qualified importers, we source high-grade specialty coffee from around the world. It’s also about timing. Fresher is better. We source seasonal coffee and simply roast it in a timely fashion to preserve it’s uniqueness. Coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re happy to do the legwork while you do the sipping!


Production Schedule

By coffee industry standards we are a “Nano-Roaster”, in other words a very small roaster. Regardless of production quantity, we take coffee roasting seriously and believe that being small has it advantages. Know that our processes are structured and calculated in an effort provide a quality and consistent product to you. To do this effectively, online orders will roast on Wednesdays and ship the next day.



Costa Rica Aguilera Bros Finca Angelina

from $18


Guatemala Fair Trade Huehuetenango

from $15



Honduras Nolasco Lemuz Estate

from $16



Sumatra Harimau Tiger

from $16



Sugar Cane Decaf Colombia

from $14



Coal Dark Roast Blend

from $13



Clodhopper House Blend

from $12



CoSuCo Espresso Blend

from $13



Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription

from $60



Brewer's Choice Coffee Subscription

from $51