114 S 4th St, Effingham, IL 62401

We Value People.

Fellowship has been a priority from the beginning. First and foremost, our cafe is a community hub. Meet a friend, make a friend, run into an old friend, exchange ideas, solve problems or make new ones. Over the years we've watched kids grow up, witnessed joy and heartache, closed early to attend staff weddings, even hosted a wedding for staff! We are proud to be Effingham's gathering place.

We Value Quality.

In a culture where convenience is king, quality is often sacrificed. While efficiency is important, we have a high regard for craftmanship and tradition. Enjoy a hand-brewed coffee or tea or perhaps a local favorite, Blackberries & Cream Latte. In the kitchen we make, bake, and create what we can with quality ingredients like local stone-ground flour, local free-range eggs, all-natural deli meats, and lofty portions of nutritious produce. We invite you to stop in, check out the goods, and enjoy your cafe experience!


We Value Local.

One of our greatest advantages as a small business is the ability to work with local vendors. Not because it’s the trendy thing to do, but because it makes sense. Our small midwestern location provides us with abundant opportunities for local products including cheese, milk, eggs, and more. Why ship it in from who-knows-where when a fresher alternative is right here in our community?! We greatly value the efforts of local farmers, gardeners, bakers, and craftspeople and choose to feature their products in our cafe as available.