Joe Sippers Café - We value quality, people and local.

Joe Sippers Café has been in the Effingham area since 2005. However, in 2018, it started a new chapter.  Emily Debenham became the new owner. Emily brings over 10 years of food and beverage experience, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management to the business. She is assisted by her husband, Brennan, who also has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and a degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. When Brennan is not helping with the café or their two kids, he works as a Registered Nurse with HSHS in the Home Health Division. 

She and Brennan met at firefly grill, and that is where their passion for food and beverage ignited. From there, they moved on to work in restaurants in Anchorage, AK and Las Vegas, NV. At the peak of their careers in Las Vegas, Emily was working for the ever-popular Celebrity Chef, Gordon Ramsay as a Restaurant Manager, and Brennan was the Chef of Lola’s Cajun Kitchen. Together they share a passion for all things Hospitality and Culinary Arts. They bring loads of fresh ideas and savvy business intel that is sure to move Joe Sippers in a positive forward direction. “We want to position the café as more of a convenient option for lunch by offering online ordering and delivery. Also, we know that the café is well-known for its coffee and beverages, but we want to bring more of a foodie element to the café by introducing some new menu items with unique ingredients and flavor profiles.”

Owning a Cafe is a dream come true for Emily. The story of the acquisition begins four years ago when she and her family moved back to Green Creek. Her desire to be an entrepreneur and leverage all the experience she had gained drove her to begin crafting a business plan to make her dream a reality. As she worked on the business plan, she reached out to local businesses to gather more information. That is when she and the previous owner of Joe Sippers began meeting and sharing ideas. After sharing her plan with Kevin Hiatt, the previous owner, he knew that she would be a great fit to take the business to the next level. And the rest is history. In late 2018, Emily became the new owner of Joe Sippers Café.

Joe Sippers Café understands and values its local relationships within the community. It values the efforts of local farmers, gardeners and craftspeople and work with them whenever possible whether it is to obtain ingredients or feature crafts within the café.

At Joe Sippers Café, customers can enjoy a hand-brewed coffee or tea while enjoying handcrafted baked goods and sandwiches that were created with only the highest quality ingredients such as local honey, local free-range eggs, all-natural deli meats and lofty portions of nutritious produce.

Enjoying a cup of coffee is a must at Joe Sippers Café, and they know how to make a” Sipperior” cup of coffee.  It starts with the quality of the green coffee and knowing where it comes from. The coffee is traceable and graded and the freshest possible. Seasonal coffee is available and is simply roasted in a timely fashion to preserve its uniqueness. Joe Sippers Café is considered a “Nano Roaster,” meaning that it roasts in small batches to make sure the quality is consistent and superior every cup of coffee.

Coffee can even be ordered and shipped to you wherever you may be. 

Joe Sippers Café has many ideas in store for 2019 - new menu items, new pastries, new drinks, and they expect to launch online ordering and delivery this summer. So, make sure you stop by and check them out. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram at Joe Sippers Café or visit the website at joesippers.com to order some coffee or just check in on what’s new.